Discover the breath of the mountains with us.

A fresh breath, pure and wild at the same time, with an unforgettable fragrance.

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Well-being for body, mind and soul

Imagine that you can hear the mountains breathing. Giants of stone, breathing slowly in and out, in time with the seasons. The breath of the mountains blowing through the woods, rustling the grass and caressing your face. Peaceful and powerful, soothing and infinite: The Breath of The Mountains.

“Philipp has passed on his love for the mountain pine to me. I am proud of our precious essential oils. Together with water and warmth, they are the secret of our natural spa.”

– Christine Moser Eschgfeller

100% natural - 100% organic
Sustainability, organic quality and regionality in 1st place

Authentic, valuable
and natural.

Our fragrant 100% natural essential oils in organic quality from our mountain pine oil distillery are a symbol of this breath: we have been harvesting and processing valuable raw materials in harmony and in the rhythm of nature for over 50 years.


Guaranteed organic quality

Our raw materials grow wild and undamaged here in our mountains. We distil our 100% natural essential oils from them.
We have had this certified: guaranteed organic quality. And what is even more important to us: guaranteed wild growth.


Guided tours through our distillery

From May to October.

100% natural - 100% natural
Organic Sustainability, organic quality and regionality in 1st place

Our favorite:
Mountain pine body and massage oil 100ml

Our mountain pine body and massage oil is a 100% pure, natural, certified organic product. Using natural raw materials from the Sarntal Valley, we create a true miracle cure for body, mind and soul in our in-house distillery. Become stronger!

The body oil is ideal for massages, skincare or a relaxing bath. The oil is the result of years of research, personal experience and great attention to detail. It has a particularly healing and relaxing effect on body, mind and soul.
With our mountain pine organic body oil, you can experience the breath of the mountains even at home!



Come on, visit us!

In Reinswald in the Sarntal Valley, you too can feel the breath of the mountains and experience it with all your senses: enjoy a few days and nights in our B&B, a few hours in our idyllic Natur-Spa with sauna and the original Sarntal mountain pine bath, or a guided tour of our in-house mountain pine oil distillery.

Just do it!
Your obligation-free enquiry will bring you a lot closer to your haven of relaxation.

People we have already convinced

Testimonial RatingTestimonial RatingTestimonial RatingTestimonial RatingTestimonial Rating

Excellent price value ratio. Nothing exciting but pleasant and comfortable apartments.


People we have already convinced

Testimonial RatingTestimonial RatingTestimonial RatingTestimonial RatingTestimonial Rating

Inconspicuous building, but super nice ambience. The mountain pine bath and the subsequent full body massage were super relaxing. Christine and Petra gave us a wonderful wellness day! Thank you very much! We would love to come back!

Silvia E.
Google review

People we have already convinced

Testimonial RatingTestimonial RatingTestimonial RatingTestimonial RatingTestimonial Rating

We only stayed 1 night but were extremely satisfied. Super nice, very clean accommodation, everyone very friendly, small but nice breakfast buffet with everything you need! We were absolutely satisfied and would book again at any time! Thank you very much

Katrin S.
Google review

An insight

Feel the breath of the mountains and experience it with all your senses


An insight

Feel the breath of the mountains and experience it with all your senses

Gufl Bad

A private relaxation room with calming lighting and warm steam: this is our Gufl Bad. In the steam sauna, two can relax and find a pleasant alternative to the hot Finnish saunas.

Flerl sauna

The combination of pinewood and natural stone adorns our Flerl-Sauna. It radiates strength and calm at the same time – just as the owner Philipp wanted, who designed this Finnish sauna based entirely on his ideas. The Flerl sauna can accommodate up to two people. There is also a spacious relaxation area available.

Lake Valdurna

In a side valley of the Sarntal Valley, in the middle of the Sarntal Alps, lies the idyllic Lake Valdurna.
Always worth a visit!

Olpm sauna

Equipped with distinctive Swiss stone pine wood, the Olpmsauna conveys a sense of freedom and lightness, like a summer day on Alpine pastures. This Finnish sauna can also be used as a biosauna and offers enough space for up to four people.

Alternating baths

Can train the cardiovascular system and strengthen the immune system. They are used, for example, to prevent infections.


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Numerology is an ancient science. 2,500 years ago Pythagoras, native of the Aegean island of Samos, believed that “ALL THINGS ARE NUMBERS”.

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Eschgfeller’s marmot ointment and muscle rub - breath of the mountains

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“The sauna is the poor man’s pharmacy,” says a Finnish proverb. After all, Finns must know it as sauna bathing is an elementary part of their culture.