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The strong Scots pine is known for its particular resilience which is why it also grows in barren locations where only a few other tree species thrive. It does not require much from the soil and thrives even in the most adverse conditions. Its wood is rich in resin and durable. Consequently, it is suitable for a wide range of applications.

We use the valuable twigs and needles of the Scots pine in their original form to create a pure, natural organic essential oil. You can buy our precious Scots pine products online here or in our Natur-Shop in Unterreinswald.



Botanical name
Pinus sylvestris

Common name
Scots pine, Scotch pine, Baltic pine

Plant family
Pine family (Pinaceae)

Up to 1,800 m above sea level

Plant height
Approx. 40 metres

Up to 600 years

All year round

Plant parts
Needles, twig tips and cones

Extraction method
Steam distillation; about 1 litre of essential oil is obtained from approx. 350 kg of chopped Scots pine twigs

Scent profile
Woody, resinous, fresh

Base note
Stabilising and grounding

In the fairy-tale forest

The Scots pine helps you to be positive and happy. Lighten your heart!

A cloven-hoofed animal has once again left its footprints here. You don’t like that. You pay meticulous attention to your territory. To ensure that everything remains in order. You have arranged your feeding sites and insect traps perfectly and carefully marked the paths between them. This is your territory. No one else can enter it, claim it, or even just sniff around.

Your tree is your holy place. An old fir tree with lots of branches, wide berths and good jumping spots to the surrounding trees. And above all the den! A wonderful shelter that reaches deep into the trunk offering you plenty of space and cosy warmth. The perfect pine marten hideout. You will never leave this place and woe betide anyone who dares to steal even a leaf. This is your kingdom where you pride yourself on maximum cleanliness and tidiness.

And this isn’t easy. Birds are constantly trampling over the branches and leaving behind their excrement. As soon as you have finished cleaning the bottom twig, you immediately start again at the top. And you don’t even need to start from the forest floor. A real debacle! You have marked your boundaries generously and openly. The ongoing patrols and inspections are tedious and extremely time-consuming. It’s a constant torture.

One day, as you sleep tight in your den, a loud noise wakes you up. It’s like a rumbling that seems to be getting closer and closer. Suddenly, unknown sounds and calls join in. You look down. Some strange, two-legged animals are stomping around your tree. What do they want? This is your territory!

„Run away“, the barn owl shouts at you from the neighbouring tree, „Come here, I‘ll give you shelter!“ You hesitate. You’ve never been on good terms with your neighbours. Actually, there is a sort of silent agreement where each forest dweller respects the others and leaves them in peace. But there has never been anything more than that between you and another animal. Nevertheless, they have often disrespected your boundaries and rules. How are you supposed to suddenly know if the massive owl, with its sharp claws, has good intentions? When you don‘t.

You’re running out of time. Your fir is already starting to shake. What is going on here? With a swift jump, you flee to the next tree. The whole forest floor trembles and the huge, old fir bends and falls down. Its numerous, wide branches and needles seem to drag the immediate surroundings with them as they fall. The whole tree collapses on you. „Come on, you‘ll be safe in here!“ you hear the barn owl say again. Deftly, you wind your way through the falling branches and find a last-second refuge in the owl‘s nest.

This rapid escape has not left you unscathed. Some branches have injured you, piercing your thick fur and scratching your sensitive skin. You’ve barely recovered from the initial shock when you look back and meet the huge eyes of the enemy owl. The entrance of the den is blocked. You can’t escape.

„Calm down, little friend. I won’t harm you. What happened to you today happened to me too. My beloved tree, where I grew up, has been stolen from me. However, I have learned where it is safe. This tree is a Scots pine. It isn’t of interest to the two-legged animals. They only take firs.“ The barn owl speaks to you in a calm, wise tone. „Further down there is a small uninhabited tree hole. You can use it as your new nest. The Scots pine is big enough for both of us.“

You have always thought of the other animals as pure troublemakers. And in fact, you’ve never had to rely on anyone else for help. Until now. The owl’s good deed touches you. You thank him and start removing the fallen branches and twigs and clearing the whole tree, including the entrance to the owl’s nest. The owl is delighted by your diligence and thanks you in return.

The pain of losing your old home tree is still very deep. However, your new home feels very good. The pleasant scent of the Scots pine cheers you up and brightens your heart. You want to leave your old biases behind you. You want to learn to respect and appreciate your forest neighbours and share with them what you can.

Your new home in the Scots pine will change the way you feel and think forever. You are grateful that you are still alive and enjoy every new day that you get to spend with your fellow animals in the deep coniferous forest.

100% natural - 100% organic
Sustainability, organic quality and regionality in 1st place

Our favorite:
Scots pine organic essential oil 10ml

Our Scots pine essential oil is a 100% pure, natural, organic certified product. Using natural raw materials from the Sarntal Valley, we create a true miracle cure for body, mind and soul in our in-house distillery.
The Scots pine grows at 900 to 1,500 metres above sea level, giving the oil its benefits and scent. The scent of the oil is just as tenacious as the plant itself; resinous and woody. Scots pine oil recreates a walk in the forest within your four walls. In our in-house distillery, we create a stimulating product that can be used in a variety of ways.
With our organic Scots pine oil, you can experience the breath of the mountains even at home!



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Scots pine - Uplifting.

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