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The wonderful scent of spruce needles on a walk through the local pine forest expands the lungs and arouses a feeling of connection to the surrounding nature. The spruce is the most common tree in South Tyrol. Its soft wood is easy to work with and has therefore always been a popular material. It can also be used as firewood to keep our living areas nice and warm.

We extract precious oil from the spruce needles, extending its application to the skin and soul. You can buy our certified organic natural products, such as essential oils, in our Natur-Shop in Unterreinswald or directly online here.



Botanical name
Picea abies

Common name

Plant family
Pine family (Pinaceae)

Up to 2,000 m above sea level

Plant height
Up to approx. 40 metres

Up to 600 years

All year round

Plant parts
Needles, twig tips and cones

Extraction method
Steam distillation; about 1 litre of essential oil is obtained from approx. 650 kg of chopped spruce twigs

Scent profile
Fresh and refined scent of pine, needles scent with woody and balsamic notes

Base note
Unifying and harmonising

In the fairy-tale forest

The spruce promotes inner balance and deep relaxation. Letting go and being present.

Your small tree hole is constricting you. The other one was somehow better, larger, more spacious. But where was it again? Hmm… one thing is for sure: you can definitely find a better tree hole than this one. Actually, your stomach is rumbling and you should go hunting for prey but your mind is distracted with thoughts of finding a suitable home and leaves you no peace. You spread your wings vigorously and glide silently through the spruce forest.

Here, where one tree resembles another, it isn’t easy to find the right shelter. Since you left your sparrow hole you’ve been looking for the right hideout. Preferably one with a small, narrow entrance, which is slightly hidden from the view of others. After all, you don’t want it to be stolen from you by the next tawny owl. You want the whole tree to yourself! And it should be the most beautiful spruce tree!

Always the same spruce trees. Are there no other trees here? Grandpa owl once told you a story about his old dream nest. It might have been in an old Scots pine with wood rich in resin, strong and durable. This would be a great long-term place to stay. In his story, there was also a larch with a delicate scent and fine needles. You have been looking for a special tree like this forever. However, it seems as if there is nothing but spruce trees in the area.

It‘s time to stop constantly moving from spruce tree to spruce tree and finally find the courage to leave this forest behind you once and for all. Tonight is the night to leave. Off to new woods!

All night long you fly here and there. It’s true, there are no more spruce trees. However, there are hardly any other useful trees either. Two nights ago you thought you had found a larch but it no longer had a protective needle roof! If only someone had told you that this strange tree only bears needles in summer. That’s not appropriate for a sedentary tawny owl like you.

Meanwhile, you live in a cold hole in a wall. Not exactly what you had imagined. Even mice are in short supply here. They are probably scared off and chased away by all the cats. For nights and nights, you have only fed on earthworms and beetles. You are weak, cold and suddenly you miss your old spruce forest.

You have already flown so far away. But, the moment you take flight, your fine sensory organs can still perceive it in the distance: the old familiar scent of spruce. You suddenly long for that soft and perfumed wood that has surrounded you since you were a chick. At this moment, every tree hole, no matter how small, feels like the safest, warmest and most comfortable lair you can imagine. And you know one thing for sure: you want to return to your spruce kingdom.

Back in your native forest, you quickly find a wonderful, round hole in a strong, old spruce. The familiar smell evokes a relaxing sense of wellbeing in you. You have finally arrived. Where you‘ve always been at home. The spruce. Your home.

100% natural - 100% organic
Sustainability, organic quality and regionality in 1st place

Our favorite:
Spruce needle organic essential oil 10ml

Our spruce needle essential oil is a 100% pure, natural, certified organic product. Using natural raw materials from the Sarntal Valley, we create a true miracle cure for body, mind and soul in our in-house distillery.
The spruce tree grows at 1,300 to 2,200 metres above sea level, giving the oil its benefits and scent. The scent of „Feicht“, as it is referred to in the Sarntal Valley, is harmonising and unifying. Spruce oil impresses with its naturally tangy and aromatic scent, and brings a sense of the forest into your home. In our in-house distillery, we create a stimulating product that can be used in a variety of ways.
With our organic spruce oil, you can experience the breath of the mountains even at home!



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Spruce - Relaxation.

Spruce needle organic essential oil 50ml
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Spruce - Relaxation.

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Spruce - Relaxation.

Spruce needle organic essential oil 200ml
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