Essential oils


The soul of a plant

A true miracle cure from nature, essential oils have rightfully earned an important place in the field of physical and mental wellbeing. The concentrated oils are derived from important Alpine plants such as mountain pine, Swiss stone pine, silver fir, spruce, larch, juniper and Scots pine using the method of steam distillation.
They consist of tiny oil droplets which are formed in the plant and produce a distinctive scent. The oil allows us to feel the essence and inner strength of the plant, thereby enhancing our own wellbeing.


From the root to the cone

Our pure, natural essential oils are steam distilled in our in-house mountain pine oil distillery in Reinswald. The method involves placing the chopped material in a stainless steel kettle. The hot steam flows upwards through the fine plant parts. During this process, the essential oil is extracted from the plant and then cooled in a refrigerated container. Because of their different masses, the water and oil separate and the filtering process removes the final dust particles and impurities, leaving a 100% pure natural product.
However, oil isn’t the only useful part. The remaining water also contains valuable traces of these essential plant extracts. As hydrolate or floral water, for example, it still has a wide range of applications in cosmetics.


Your wellbeing package

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts and therefore they should be used sparingly. Due to their fat-soluble properties, the oils are absorbed by the body through the skin (as well as the mucosae) and transported to each individual organ through the bloodstream. This makes essential oils ideal for a relaxing massage (with approx. 20 drops per 100 ml base oil) or a soothing bath (50 g salt with 5 drops of oil).
Essential oils are also often used as room fragrances. They reach the sensitive nasal and sinus cavities through the air we breathe and can have both an expectorant effect and a positive emotional impact as they reach the brain.