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We embrace the principle of sustainability

For us, nature conservation and sustainability are not just empty promises. They are the pillars of our work processes, which range from the careful collection of natural materials to our gentle processing techniques. We do this out of respect for nature and our personal values.

We are proud to offer products that not only delight your senses, but are also produced in harmony with nature. This is why we continuously strive to improve our packaging materials and production processes, making them as resource-efficient as possible.

We invite you to accompany us on this sustainability journey. Learn to appreciate and respect the purity of nature with us so that our planet and its fascinating flora are preserved for us in the long term.


Nature conservation in every package

Sustainability also plays a central role when it comes to our packaging solutions. We consciously select environmentally friendly materials to protect our precious products; primarily glass and cardboard. We would like to make our contribution to reducing plastics and express our values of ‚closeness to nature‘ and ‚mindfulness‘, in every detail.

Glass, a timeless classic, not only offers an elegant look, but is also completely recyclable. It preserves the purity of our essential oils and guarantees a long product shelf-life. For our cosmetic products, we increasingly rely on solid care products which are ideal for environmentally friendly cardboard packaging. By doing so, we minimise the use of plastic and further reduce the impact on the environment.


Our environmentally friendly natural products

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Larch - Self-confidence and self-expression.

Larch organic essential oil 50ml
Variants from €10.00

Spruce - Relaxation.

spruce needles hydrolate 100 ml

Mountain pine - Strenght and confidence.

Marmot ointment 60 ml

Mountain pine - Strenght and confidence.

Mountain pine organic essential oil 200ml
Variants from €9.90

Visit our oil distillery!

Experience our sustainable production process firsthand on a guided tour of our mountain pine oil distillery.