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Our Natur-Shop – full of precious treasures

In our Natur-Shop, we offer a wide range of cosmetic products, essential oils and other treasures that we have borrowed from nature and transformed into precious treasures for you and your wellbeing. They all embody our commitment to sustainability, the local region and love of tradition.

All that we are and believe in is contained in the natural products we create with love. We work in harmony with nature all year round and want to conserve and protect the resources that are still available. We want to maintain our traditions and the art of oil distillation, which form the basis for our precious natural creations, and pass them on to the next generations.

„We carefully select our materials and products. Quality and craftsmanship from the local region are important to us. And they must be sustainable: our fine natural treasures.“
– Christine Moser Eschgfeller

Open daily

From 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.
Unterreinswald 17, Reinswald im Sarntal

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An insight

Take the breath of the mountains home with you


An insight

Take the breath of the mountains home with you

A „Schnapsl“

The aromatic schnapps is produced from hand-picked Swiss stone pine cones that ripen in the clear Sarntal mountain air and are harvested early.


Ideal as a facial tonic or aftershave, as a base for lotions or rubs, for inhalations and as an additive in baths.


Trehs natural cosmetics combines traditional knowledge and the elemental power of the Alps with modern methods.


Advises and looks after you during your stay in our nature shop.

Essential oils

ach one is special, each one unique: our 100% natural essential oils from mountain pine, swiss stone pine, spruce, larch, scots pine, silver fir and juniper.


made from Swiss stone pine wood. A lovely gift or decoration for the home.

A tour of our Natur-Shop

Mountain air to take with you

Are you wondering how to capture the breath of the mountains and take this sensation of peace and relaxation home with you? Exactly! The answer lies in the form of one of our care products which we have developed in-house with maximum care and in harmony with nature.

Besides our ever-popular essential oils, you will find many typical local products from the Sarntal Valley in our Natur-Shop, such as handmade items crafted from Swiss stone pine wood. Whether as a souvenir to take home or a gift idea for your loved ones, Eschgfeller‘s natural products contain the fresh mountain air and promise blissful Alpine moments.

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Come on, visit us!

In Reinswald in the Sarntal Valley, you too can feel the breath of the mountains and experience it with all your senses: enjoy a few days and nights in our B&B, a few hours in our idyllic Natur-Spa with sauna and the original Sarntal mountain pine bath, or a guided tour of our in-house mountain pine oil distillery.

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