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The uses of essential oils

Essential oils are a true miracle cure from nature and can be particularly stimulating for the mind and soul. Each plant essence has its own unique benefits and can therefore be used for a wide variety of applications.

Due to their fat-soluble properties, the rich oils are absorbed by the body through the skin and sensitive mucosae and then transported to individual organs through the bloodstream. When inhaled, essential oils also reach the brain, where they can have emotional impacts on mood.


Für die Duftlampe, auf Duftsteinen und Dufthölzern sowie im elektrischen Zerstäuber können ätherische Öle verwendet werden. In die Duftlampe können zum Beispiel 3–5 Tropfen des Öls in den Wasserbehälter gegeben werden.

Inhalation is practiced to loosen mucus from the bronchi and lungs and can free the respiratory tract, especially if enriched with concentrated plant oils. One drop of essential oil is enough for up to 2 litres of hot water.

A washcloth sprinkled with essential oil can be used for personal hygiene or to stimulate or calm your mind as well as to reduce perspiration.

Because essential oils are not water-soluble, they need an emulsifying agent, such as salt, to be absorbed into the bath water. Simply mix 50 grams of salt with 5 drops of essential oil and add to warm bath water.

For sauna infusions, 5 drops of essential oil are added to approx. half a litre of water and sprinkled over the hot stones, so that the intense scent spreads throughout the sauna.

For rubs and massages, just mix essential oil with a simple base oil. For example, you may want to enrich 100 ml of almond oil with about 20 drops of essential oil.

For cool or warm wraps and compresses, essential oils are swished around in water to emulsify them. A cloth is then placed in the water to absorb the liquid and wrung out. You can now wrap this cloth around the desired body part, cover yourself, then rest and let the oils work their magic.

Add a few drops of our essential oils to a mild, biodegradable cleaning product. It will add a fresh fragrance to the detergent.

The oil can be used as a natural food flavouring. One drop is enough to flavour about 100 g of food.


Instructions for the use of essential plant oils

Essential oils can be used for room scenting, in cosmetic products or as additives in creams, ointments and perfumes. They are an important component of natural cosmetic products or aromatherapy. Even teas and other foods can be intensified with the addition of plant oils.

Because essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts, they should only be used in small doses.


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