Larch organic essential oil 50ml

Larix Europarea


Content: €66.80 / 100 ml


Our larch essential oil is a 100% pure, natural, certified organic and product. Using natural raw materials from the Sarntal Valley, we create a true miracle cure for body, mind and soul in our in-house distillery.

The larch, the second tallest tree in South Tyrol, grows at 900 to 2,200 metres above sea level. The scent and active ingredient of larch have particular benefits on our breathing and convey a sense of lightness in everyday life. In our in-house distillery, we create a stimulating product that can be used in a variety of ways.

With our organic larch oil, you can experience the breath of the mountains even at home!

Monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes
For the mind…Brings lightness and cheerfulness, promotes self-confidence, zest for life and courage. 
For the soul...Relaxes the spirit, provides mental clarity and harmony and dispels negative energies. 
For the body...Contributes to self-development and promotes harmony in our bodies
The oil can be used, for example, in a diffuser for scenting rooms or as a sauna infusion and alleviates stress. As a natural food flavouring, 1 drop is enough to flavour 100 grams of food. Moreover, the oil relieves muscle pain and it is beneficial for the whole body when rubbed onto the skin as a balm.

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