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Massages to enhance your wellbeing

When it comes to muscle or psychological tension, there is nothing better than a healing massage. Treat yourself and your body to this regenerating exchange of energy and let it breathe new life into you!

All available massages are carried out with our 100% pure, natural, essential oils.

Give yourself the best moments every day and bring harmony to your body, soul and mind.
– Sarah Bernhardt, French actress

Classic massages


Full body massage

50 minutes


Partial massage: back or legs

25 minutes


Head, neck and shoulders

50 minutes


Intense back massage

50 minutes


Foot reflexology

A warm foot bath with our Pinus Mugo bath salts awaits you, followed by a massage with Eschgfeller juniper oil. Stimulating your feet activates your self-healing powers. Renew yourself!

50 minutes


Pranatherapy activates the body’s own healing powers and balances its energy flows. The introduction of prana stimulates physiological and biochemical processes that help the body to regenerate. A rapid self-healing process is initiated.

50 minutes


Numerology consultation

In a numerology consultation, your date and time of birth, and name are interpreted. From this, you can gain important insights into your personal strengths, and special talents, skills and potential. This can help you to better understand your personality traits and give you a new perspective on your life journey.

60 minutes

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Mountain pine exfoliation

The fine flour particles of mountain pine cones massage and purify your skin and promote circulation, thereby stimulating cell activity and skin regeneration.
Both the exfoliating treatment and massage are carried out using Eschgfeller organic natural cosmetic products.

50 minutes


Swiss stone pine exfoliation

The finest Alpine salts, Swiss stone pine needles and 100% pure, natural Swiss stone pine oil can heal sensitive and stressed skin, providing it a smooth and relaxed structure. For both the peeling and massage, we use our own organic natural, cosmetics line.

50 minutes


The LaStone Therapy® at Eschgfeller

The patented LaStone Therapy® is a fascinating combination of massage and energy flow therapy, alternating between hot and cold stones. It leads the body and soul into an extraordinarily deep form of relaxation, which can help to release internal blockages and unlock new energy, harmony and vitality.


Full body treatment

75 minutes

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Back treatment

45 minutes

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For the perfect massage

All products

Mountain pine - Strenght and confidence.

Mountain pine body and massage oil 100ml

Swiss stone pine - Soul guide.

Swiss stone pine body and massage oil 100ml

Larch - Self-confidence and self-expression.

larch body and massage oil 100ml

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