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Exclusive sauna moments

Experience a unique sauna sanctuary, entirely for you and your loved ones. In our exclusive Natur-Spa, you can rent a private sauna with relaxation room and shower for a few hours. Choose from our five different saunas, including the Finnish sauna, the biosauna and steam bath. The salt inhalation room and relaxation area with comfortable infrared loungers are available to all spa guests.

To round off your visit, we offer additional amenities: a warm foot bath, premium Eschgfeller essential oil for the Aufguss ritual, refreshing herbal teas and delicious fitness snacks are included in the price.

Saunas are good for your health!
Alternating dry, hot and cool temperatures boosts your metabolism.


Olpm sauna

Equipped with distinctive Swiss stone pine wood, the Olpmsauna conveys a sense of freedom and lightness, like a summer day on Alpine pastures. This Finnish sauna can also be used as a biosauna and offers enough space for up to four people.


Flerl sauna

The combination of pinewood and natural stone adorns our Flerl-Sauna. It radiates strength and calm at the same time – just as the owner Philipp wanted, who designed this Finnish sauna based entirely on his ideas. The Flerl sauna can accommodate up to two people. There is also a spacious relaxation area available.


Grien sauna

Mother Barbara laid the foundation stone for the Eschgfeller Natur-Spa 25 years ago. The Grien sauna is dedicated to her and reflects her vision of relaxation. This Finnish sauna can accommodate two people and is complemented by a cosy relaxation room.


Gufl Bad

A private relaxation room with calming lighting and warm steam: this is our Gufl Bad. In the steam sauna, two can relax and find a pleasant alternative to the hot Finnish saunas.


Reischnar sauna

This original Finnish sauna is located in our outdoor area and captivates guests with its fragrant scent of mountain pine, the so-called Reischn. There is space for up to four people who can also relax, after a sauna session, under the pine ceiling which adorns the adjacent relaxation area equipped with showers.


Salt inhalation room

In our salt inhalation room, it feels like you are breathing in fresh sea air. Thanks to the fine, warm mist, the salt-enriched air can be absorbed through the respiratory tract and skin, providing a healthy sense of wellbeing.


Infrared loungers

A relaxation room with infrared loungers is available to all our guests. The warming infrared rays can relieve tension and back pain, while at the same time promoting blood circulation and metabolism. Moreover, they can strengthen the immune system and stimulate the body‘s purification and detoxification processes.

Prices for a minimum of two people

2 hours: €23.50 per person
Each additional hour: €11.50 per person

Bathrobe: €4.00 per person
Hand towel: €3.00 per person


Our favourites for the sauna

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Larch - Self-confidence and self-expression.

Larch organic essential oil 20ml
Variants from €10.40

Spruce - Relaxation.

Spruce needle organic essential oil 20ml
Variants from €10.40

Mountain pine - Strenght and confidence.

Mountain pine organic essential oil 20ml
Variants from €10.30

Swiss stone pine - Soul guide.

Swiss stone pine organic essential oil 20ml
Variants from €10.30

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