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Sanus per Aquam – Kneipp’s philosophy

Sense the water tingling your feet, feel the alternating between warm and cold, and experience firsthand how Kneipp therapy harmonises body, mind and soul. Our Kneipp therapist Christine would like to introduce you to the refreshing world of Kneipp therapy, an ancient form of natural healing. Leave the stress of everyday life behind you and discover this holistic health method that provides wellbeing and relaxation.

“Water is the best medicine.”
– Sebastian Kneipp

Cold compresses with essential oil


Leg compress

50 minutes


Alternating affusions


Knee affusion

10 minutes


Arm (and face) affusion

10 minutes
€ 18.00


Thigh affusion

10 minutes


Full affusion (face included)

10 minutes

Alternating baths


Alternating foot bath

10–15 minutes

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Alternating arm bath

10–15 minutes

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Kneipp treatments at Eschgfeller

Our president Christine Moser Eschgfeller is a member of Kneipp South Tyrol, a non-profit organisation and leading local association that transmits Sebastian Kneipp‘s authentic health concept in a practical and comprehensive way.

Kneipp therapy is often associated with the “application of heat and cold to the body”, however, this method includes so much more. Kneipp is a holistic system which defines a specific lifestyle to promote, strengthen and maintain personal health.

„I love daily water treatments and Sebastian Kneipp’s life philosophy“

– Christine Moser Eschgfeller

As a certified Kneipp therapy provider, we offer a wide
range of water treatments.


Experience Kneipp therapy up close during our one-hour workshop! This takes place every Tuesday at 11 a.m. in German and at 12:00 p.m. in Italian.

60 minutes:
€9.00 per adult
€7.00 per child


An interactive experience of distillation and Kneipp therapy

This comprehensive package introduces you to the history and process of distillation as well as the correct uses, benefits and precious ingredients of our essential oils before letting you create your own bath salts.

The second part is about Kneipp therapy. You can find out more about Sebastian Kneipp’s life’s work and the effects of ice-cold baths on your body. At the end, you can immerse yourself in the water and enjoy three guided Kneipp treatments with tips and tricks from our Kneipp therapist Christine.

Groups of 8 people or more
2.5 hours
€25.00 per person

Kneipp for schoolchildren

Christine is particularly happy to convey the joy of Kneipp therapy to even the youngest children. She invites school groups to visit, teaches them the 5 pillars of Kneipp therapy, with a focus on water, and immerses herself in the refreshing water with them.

The knowledge and awareness about one’s own wellbeing should be learnt at an early stage; this is why Christine helps young schoolchildren to listen to their own bodies and gives them some important health advice along the way.


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