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The Swiss stone pine promises a pleasant sleep and exudes a unique, distinctive scent. It can live for up to 1,000 years and it has always been harvested. Because of its adaptability and distribution in high Alpine areas, it is considered the queen of the Alps.

Swiss stone pine wood is the lightest of all domestic softwood species and is often used by master carpenters also because of its lovely smell. It has many applications in its concentrated form as Swiss stone pine oil. You can buy this pure organic essential oil in our Natur-Shop in Unterreinswald or directly online here.



Botanical name
Pinus cembra

Common name
Swiss stone pine, Swiss pine, arolla pine

Plant family
Pine family (Pinaceae)

1,600 to 2,300 m above sea level

Plant height
Up to approx. 40 metres

Up to 1,000 years


Plant parts
Needles, twig tips and cones

Extraction method
Steam distillation; about 1 litre of essential oil is obtained from approx. 200 kg of chopped Swiss stone pine twigs

Scent profile
Tangy and aromatic, with a fresh fine needle scent

Base note
Unifying and harmonising

In the fairy-tale forest

The Swiss stone pine promotes confidence and mindfulness. Feel at one with yourself!

It is pleasantly warm in your small home underground. You know every junction, every passage, and every little hump. You move through the underground tunnels almost blindly, of course because it is also very dark deep down in the marmot burrow. One could even find it gloomy and sinister. Moreover, it is slowly but surely getting narrower and narrower. Or maybe it’s because you‘re getting bigger and stronger.

Your furry parents bring you fresh grass and other delicacies directly into the burrow so you don’t have to leave your safe den at all. And you don’t want to. Yes, your siblings ventured out long ago. They spend half the day outside in the cold, in the blazing sunlight, or even in the rain. How unpleasant. Everything is different outside, they say. That scares you. The world outside.

One day, as you approach the exit, you notice something. Something new you’ve never seen before. It must have rolled in from outside. You sniff it carefully with your nose and – true to your rodent nature – you also try the rough wood with your teeth. What a peculiar construction, like a round piece of wood full of spikes. It smells so uniquely different. This new scent stimulates you and suddenly awakens new courage in you.

For the first time you move closer to the exit. The spherical thing still clamped between your teeth, like a small talisman that gives you new strength and fuels your curiosity. Paw by paw, you continue to crawl upwards. The light is getting brighter and brighter and you can hardly see a thing. You pause for a moment, close your eyes and feel the fear flicker inside you. The fear of the unknown and unfamiliar. The fear of the outside world.

But then your eyes adjust to the light and you begin to discover the first outlines. Still crouched under the protective burrow entrance, a whole new world suddenly opens up before you. A multitude of colours and smells. With so many unknown shapes and strange objects. And so vast. A loud chirping directs your gaze backwards and upwards. There sits a small feathered animal with only two legs.

„Hello little marmot, do you like my small present?“ Taken aback, you look at the feathered animal and enjoy its clear voice, „This is a Swiss stone pine cone. You can eat the seeds and store them until winter. They give you strength and are good for your mood.“ The animal suddenly spreads two hidden legs and takes off into the air. It flies over you and you follow it with your gaze down over a breathtaking valley.

On this day, you have entered a new world. You have left your den and discovered so many incredibly beautiful things. Like the big green Swiss stone pine tree. It has always been there. Right above your den. It has always ensured your peaceful sleep. And now its fragrance has given you new vital courage. The Swiss pine seeds will nourish you. And its special scent will always guide you back home. Your fear has vanished. Instead, your heart is filled with self-confidence and willpower. You now know your place in the world and that it is so much bigger and more impressive than your small, dark lair.

100% natural - 100% organic
Sustainability, organic quality and regionality in 1st place

Our favorite:
Swiss stone pine organic essential oil 10ml

Our Swiss stone pine essential oil is a 100% pure, natural, certified organic product. Using natural raw materials from the Sarntal Valley, we create a true miracle cure for body, mind and soul in our in-house distillery.
Swiss stone pine grows at 1,300 to 2,200 metres above sea level, giving the oil its benefits and scent. The active ingredients of the „Queen of the Alps“ have particular sleep benefits. The oil encourages breathing to become deeper, calmer and more liberated. Our Swiss stone pine oil is also good when used for muscle tension and pain. In our in-house distillery, we create a stimulating product that can be used in a variety of ways.
With our organic Swiss stone pine oil, you can experience the breath of the mountains even at home!



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Swiss stone pine organic essential oil 100ml
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Swiss stone pine - Soul guide.

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Swiss stone pine - Soul guide.

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