mountain pine liqueur 200ml



The aromatic mountain pine schnapps made from 100% pure, natural mountain pine is an exceptional specialty from the Alps and lets you immerse yourself in the Alpine natural world. It is produced from hand-picked mountain pine cones that ripen in the clear Sarntal mountain air and are harvested early. In our in-house distillery, the aromatic schnapps is then made from mountain pine cones.
Our pure, natural mountain pine schnapps invites you to celebrate moments of relaxation. Both alone and in good company, it is perfect as a digestive drink or for celebrating special occasions, as is common here in the Sarntal Valley.
It’s rare to find so many subtle flavour nuances combined in one schnapps!
Grappa refined with mountain pine, sugar and spices.
For the mind…Refreshes the mind and sweetens mental wellbeing. For the soul… Provides energy and a breath of fresh air for everything that lies ahead. For the body…Brings satisfaction and makes special moments even better.

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