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A natural form of production

The essential natural materials we use for our valuable oils, natural hydrolates, and effective organic cosmetic products thrive in the original mountain world of the Sarntal Valley. Only wild growth is used to produce our essential oils and natural skincare products. We carefully collect the fine needles and twigs of endemic Alpine trees and shrubs and extract pure, natural oils for the soothing care of body and soul.

100% wild growth
Our pure, natural essential oils consist of 100% renewable raw materials that grow wild in the mountains of the Sarntal Valley.

Certified organic quality
Our natural production process using organic materials has been certified and our entire range consists of products bearing the organic seal.

Our products are free from harmful and risky substances and have therefore received the necessary approval from the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) for the EU market.

Food certification
Since our essential oils can also be used as flavour additives, they have been officially approved as food products.

Cosmetic products in accordance with IFRA regulations
Eschgfeller‘s cosmetic products with fragrant oils have all been certified in accordance with the guidelines of the EU Cosmetics Regulation.

„The mountain pine is my life and my fragrance.“

– Philipp Eschgfeller


What are essential oils?

Essential oils contain the fat-soluble components which are extracted from a plant using steam distillation.
They are tiny oil droplets formed in the fat reservoirs of each plant. They are also responsible for producing the unmistakable scent of flowers, shrubs and trees which attracts insects or repels other animals. Even though oils are only slightly soluble in water, they can easily be processed by combining them with other natural fats.

100% pure
Natural mountain pine essential oil

Our favorite:
Mountain pine organic essential oil 20ml

Our mountain pine essential oil is a 100% pure, natural, certified organic product. Using natural raw materials from the Sarntal Valley, we create a true miracle cure for body, mind and soul in our in-house distillery.
This active oil is extracted from wild mountain pine from the Sarntal Valley, also known as „Reisch “, and carefully bottled in our in-house distillery. We create a stimulating product that can be used in a variety of ways. 
With our organic mountain pine oil, you can experience the breath of the mountains even at home!


This is how our essential oils are distilled

The production of essential oils takes place in our in-house mountain pine oil distillery in Reinswald, not far from the meadows and woods we avail ourselves of as renewable natural resources. The chopped raw materials are processed into essential oils and hydrolates using steam distillation.
During the distillation process, water vapour flows upwards through the chopped plant material, allowing the oil to separate from the plant tissue. The enriched steam is cooled and liquified again in the cooling vessel. Because of their different masses, the two elements separate and 100% pure, natural oil can be extracted using the Florentine vase. The filtering process removes the final dust particles and impurities, leaving a 100% pure natural product.

Our sustainable production process


1. Wild plant growth harvest

We take particular care when harvesting our wild mountain plants so that our favourite native plants can continue to grow. By doing so, we also contribute to the preservation of Alpine pastures and hiking trails.

2. Newly created habitats

In collaboration with the forestry and hunting association, we clearly define and delimit the protected habitat for flora and fauna. We respect the existing nature reserves and support the necessary measures aimed at preserving the natural South Tyrolean flora and fauna as we have always known and loved them.


3. Total valorisation

Our 100% pure, natural essential oils are obtained through steam distillation from chopped twigs, cones and needles of the high Alpine tree treasures of the Sarntal Valley. We also process the water-soluble plant ingredients, which are collected as condensate during cooling, into another cosmetic natural treasure: hydrolates.

4. Sustainable energy recycling

Just as we collect the plant water, we also reuse the remaining deoiled materials. In the second step of our process, these are used as fuel for the next distillation process or for heating rooms in winter. In this way, the cycle is complete and each part of the production process is fully used and recycled.

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The result of our work

All products

Larch - Self-confidence and self-expression.

Larch organic essential oil 50ml
Variants from €10.40

Swiss stone pine - Soul guide.

Swiss stone pine organic essential oil 200ml
Variants from €10.30