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Massages – loving care for oneself

Health Knowledge

A massage helps the relaxation and the regeneration of the body. Thus, all vital functions of the entire organism are activated. The psyche is calmed down, the kidney activity is stimulated and the metabolism can better eliminate body toxins.


During a massage, the human body recovers gently and naturally. Our skin plays an important role in it. It consists of three layers:

  • epidermis
  • stratum corneum
  • subcutis

Depending on body size and circumference, this organ is 1.5 to 2 m² in size and weighs up to 10 kg. The skin performs numerous tasks:

  • it detoxifies through sweat secretion
  • it regulates the blood circulation
  • it regulates the heat balance
  • it serves as a respiratory organ
  • it is an expressive organ
  • it is a sensory organ for touch, temperature and pain
  • it is a protection against harmful external influences and water loss

Touch is the most developed sense from birth. The growth hormone and oxytocin, also known as the binding hormone, are released through touch. This promotes the development of the brain and increases its performance.

Each of our postures and movements requires the involvement of muscles as well as all of our sensory organs, nerves and brain. The brain reacts to sensory impressions by passing on the corresponding commands to the network of nerves, leading from the brain via spinal cord to the muscles. A human being has got 650 different muscles that need energy to work.

This energy is generated aerobically, that’s to say with the help of oxygen, or anaerobically – without oxygen, in the mitochondria, considered to be the power plants of the body cells. Said metabolic process produces end products such as carbon dioxide, water and lactic acid.

If a muscle is constantly under strain or if it is not supplied with sufficient blood, lactic acid and lactose accumulate. In addition, if you drink too little or do not supply any mineral salts, muscle spasms occur.

If this happens frequently, myogelosis – areas of abnormal hardening in a muscle –  can be a consequence.

By means of powerful kneading, massaging and friction techniques, these areas are dissolved and the tissue gains a better blood supply again. Accumulated toxins are absorbed by the blood and discharged by the kidneys, which are our body’s filtering system. The muscles become soft and supple again and pain disappears. It is important to use only high-quality essential oils during a massage, because they support relaxation and the overall beneficial effect of a good massage.

We at Eschgfeller – breath of the mountains
love  to work with our organic massage oils:

In order to relax properly during a massage and prevent the development of painful knots, everyone can do something good for themselves:

  • fresh, clear and warm water relieves the kidneys
  • let the skin sweat by exercising frequently
  • enjoy healthy forest air and give the lungs deep, calm breaths
  • relieve the intestinal tract opting for a basic, simple nutrition
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