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Collecting herbs – a passion

Health Knowledge

Table of contents

1. Introduction 2. Christine tells us 3. Our favourite herbs

Now that the earth is closest to the sun, the right time to collect herbs has come.

Today, on Saint John’s Day, the earth and the sun come closer together than at any other time of the year. Around this special day medicinal herbs and plants develop their greatest power. That’s why experienced herb collectors choose to collect herbs in this period. And so does Christine, who is a trained herbal expert.

“In this season, most of all I’m collecting herbs to replenish our medicine cabinet for the winter: St. John’s wort, arnica, lady’s-mantle and eyebright,” tells us Christine. Collecting herbs not only brings valuable supplies, but it is also a balm for the soul. Slowly wandering in nature, through forests and over the mountain meadows calms, lets you forget the hectic pace of everyday life and recharges your batteries.

The healing power of nature has fascinated Christine ever since and inspired her to use her knowledge to develop her own organic care line. “In our products alpine medicinal herbs along with our essential oils play a major role: in fact, fitting with today’s St. John’s Day, our muscle rub contains goat butter, our 100% pure Scots pine essential oil as well as a St. John’s wort extract. It relieves the skin from discomfort and above all protects it from external influences and keeps it healthy and fresh,” explains the expert. Arnica is probably one of the best-known medicinal plants and it is often found in valuable creams and ointments, such as our marmot ointment. Arnica is a classic product commonly used for joint complaints and, of course, in alcohol liniment in combination with our 100% pure, organic mountain pine essential oil.

At the end of the day, Christine’s basket is well filled with valuable herbs ready for further processing. Dried or in form of an essential oil extract, they are Christine’s basis for the creation of new and interesting products. “The use and application of herbs have a long tradition here in our mountains and I dearly love to preserve these traditions and to supplement them with new scientific findings in order to develop valuable products for our in-house line,” explains Christine Moser Eschgfeller.

For this reason, all those who like to collect herbs should take advantage of this ideal time around St. John’s Day and enjoy the relaxing feeling this hike brings with it.

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