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Have a sauna – but the right way!

Health Knowledge

Having a sauna is part of the winter.

“The sauna is the poor man’s pharmacy,” says a Finnish proverb. After all, Finns must know it as sauna bathing is an elementary part of their culture. These sweating sessions not only boost the immune system, but also enhance your beauty. Anyone who takes a sauna properly shines from within!

Off to the sauna…

… because having a sauna strengthens the body’s immune system
Alternating between hot (sweating) and cold (cooling) is said to have a beneficial effect on the autonomic nervous system. Inflammations in the body are mitigated. If the body has a strong immune system, pathogens have little chance. Thus, sauna prevents infections, such as colds, in the long run.

… the circulation gets going
The repeated temperature changes in the sauna have a stimulating effect on the circulation. Regular sauna bathing has been shown to improve cardiovascular health and the supply of oxygen to the body.

… improved complexion
Heat widens the blood vessels, thus the skin is better supplied with blood and oxygen. By cooling down after sweating, the blood vessels constrict again, which is an efficient training for them and lets the skin look rosy and healthy. Sauna bathing also removes dead skin cells ensuring thus pore-deep cleanliness. Moreover, dry skin benefits from the high humidity in the sauna as it can store more of it and avoid wrinkle formation, known as a consequence of dehydration. All in all, regular sauna bathing rejuvenates your skin.

… inhale, exhale
The organs of the respiratory system are stimulated and trained by the change in temperature as well. Humid hot air ensures a better blood supply to the mucous membranes.

… muscles relax
Taking a sauna is particularly beneficial after doing sports. In fact, sauna bathing can prevent sore muscles.

… many, many happy hormones
The hot temperature in a sauna produces happy hormones in the body such as serotonin and endorphins.

Many good reasons to book a sauna bathing for yourself, in pairs or with friends.

But how to do it right?

First of all, take a cleaning shower. Then dry your body thoroughly, because dry skin leads more quickly to perspiration. After that, take a warm foot bath before entering the sauna room to make sure that the feet are warm. A bath additive or bath salt blended with essential oils can be added to the bath water.

In the sauna, spread a dry towel and lie down on it. When sitting, make sure that you sit in a relaxed squatting position and your feet are evenly warmed, just like the rest of the body. If you feel really well warmed up and need to cool down, you should leave the sauna. Consider between 10-15 minutes in the Finnish sauna as a guideline.

Before you leave the sauna, you should sit up for 1-2 minutes and let your legs dangle in order to avoid feeling dizzy. In the meantime, you can take part in a sauna infusion ritual.

What do I do after the sauna session?

After the sauna bathing, you go outside and breathe deeply before having a shower. A fresh Kneipp affusion refreshes and strengthens the entire organism. If you are experienced in sauna bathing and there are no contraindications, you can also briefly dive into the cold pool.

The body should have enough time to cool down and to rest. In this phase, it is important that the entire body is well covered. You can apply a fine salt peeling to the skin during rest or while sweating in the sauna to detoxify and reduce acidity in the body.

We recommend to plan at least two to three sauna sessions, that means a bathing time of approximately two hours and to have a sauna once a week. Athletes and sauna enthusiasts can also take a sauna twice a week to improve their stamina. If strong fatigue instead of refreshment and well-being occurs, most probably you have exaggerated with the sauna bathing.

Make sure that you drink enough after the sauna. Between one session and the other, it is recommended not to replenish immediately the lost amount of water so as not to reduce the elimination of harmful substances and the cleaning effect. Do not drink alcohol or coffee, but water and herbal tea.

Enjoy your sauna for a stronger immune system and a brighter glow from within.


Take a deep breathe and relax

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