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Kneipp is not just a cure – Kneipp is a lifestyle

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1. Introduction 2. What is Kneipp therapy?

Since I completed my professional training as a Kneipp health therapist a few years ago, this philosophy has become more and more part of my life. “It’s so simple and so good, so surprising and so soothing.” (Christine Moser Eschgfeller)

In truth, the Kneipp therapy includes so much more than just cold water. Almost 200 years ago, Sebastian Kneipp developed a philosophy based on five pillars that embrace our whole life and all its fields and today is more topical than ever.

The five pillars of his philosophy, that’s to say water, plants, physical exercise, diet and balance lay the foundation for a healthy life in harmony with nature, sustainability and mindfulness.

In our Natur-Spa Christine Moser Eschgfeller helps everyone interested to gain a better understanding of the Kneipp philosophy. On Tuesdays at 11 a.m. she gives a presentation and talks about Sebastian Kneipp, his life and work, the basic principles of his philosophy and shows simple applications for home. Christine is available for groups by prior arrangement.

The upper body compress – a pure detox treatment – is an application that Christine Moser Eschgfeller appreciates particularly.

The upper body compress extends from the armpits to the middle of the thighs. It is a sweat-inducing compress that stimulates the metabolism and the circulatory system, stabilizes the blood pressure, strengthens the nerves and the back muscles and has an antispasmodic and digestive effect.

Depending on the target of the application, you stay wrapped up between 90 minutes and 2 hours. The final step is a lukewarm washing.

Resi Meier writes in her book called “Praktische Kneippanwendungen” (Practical Kneipp applications)”: It acts on the whole body:  depending on whether it is used for a longer or shorter period of time, it increases the natural body heat or draws out excessive heat. – If healthy people were to take an upper body compress every eight or even fourteen days, they could prevent a large number of diseases.

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