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In the oil distillery

Our in-house mountain pine oil distillery is located in the heart of South Tyrol, in Reinswald in the Sarntal Valley. This is where the Eschgfeller family has been distilling valuable essential oils using steam distillation for more than five decades.

Our manufacturing process is based on the unique wild growth of the trees and shrubs that thrive in the pristine mountains of the Sarntal Valley. This is where we find the essential natural raw materials for our high-quality oils, natural hydrolates and precious organic natural cosmetic products.

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The birthplace of our pure essential oils

We collect the fine needles, twigs and cones from the local Alpine woods with maximum care. These natural raw materials form the basis of our certified organic plant oils, which promise beneficial care for body and soul.

100% wild plant growth
In the production of our essential oils and natural skin care products, we rely exclusively on wild growth – this way we can guarantee the purity of our products.


From our distillery

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Mountain pine - Strenght and confidence.

Mountain pine organic essential oil 20ml
Variants from €10.30

Larch - Self-confidence and self-expression.

Larch organic essential oil 50ml
Variants from €10.40

Swiss stone pine - Soul guide.

Swiss stone pine organic essential oil 200ml
Variants from €10.30

An insight

Feel the breath of the mountains and experience it with all your senses


An insight

Feel the breath of the mountains and experience it with all your senses

Needles, cones and twigs of the local alpine woods

the basis for our certified organic vegetable oils

Philipp Eschgfeller

Working in our distillery.

The traditional blue apron

is a must at work!

100% wild growth

In the production of our essential oils and natural skin care products, we rely exclusively on wild growth.


Personal distillery tour

Discover the art of distillation on a short experiential tour of our mountain pine oil distillery. We are pleased to take interested visitors on a guided tour of our distillery and explain the different production phases of the traditional steam distillation method as well as the ingredients and mechanisms of action of our essential oils. The visit also provides an opportunity to learn about the history of mountain pine oil distillation in South Tyrol.
On request, we also offer various workshops for companies, groups and interested parties. For further information or reservations, you can contact us by phone at +39 0471625138 or by e-mail at

Prices for a distillery tour
Up to 15 people: €9.00 per person
Groups of 16 people or more: €7.00 per person
Children up to 10 years: €7.00 per person

In summer, our distillery showroom on the Villanderer Alm near the Marzuner Schupfe invites visitors to experience the harvest and distillation process up close.

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An interactive experience of the distillation process and Kneipp therapy

This comprehensive package introduces you to the history and process of distillation as well as the correct uses, benefits and precious ingredients of our essential oils, before letting you create your own bath salts.

The second part focuses on Kneipp therapy. You can find out more about Sebastian Kneipp’s life‘s work and the effects of ice-cold baths on your body. At the end, you can immerse yourself in the water and enjoy three guided Kneipp treatments with tips and tricks from our Kneipp therapist Christine.

Groups of 8 people or more
2.5 hours
€25.00 per person

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