Swiss stone pine wood hand - turned ball



The ball is made of 100% local, fragrant Swiss stone pine wood and brings the breath of the mountains into your home. It is ideal as a decoration for your living room or as a fragrance diffuser for our 100% pure, natural, organic essential oils.

The hand-turned ball looks great with any interior style and is therefore a perfect gift for your loved ones. Swiss stone pine is considered the „Queen of the Alps“ and its wood brings the freshness of the forest into your living room, relaxing and revitalising. The ball can be combined with essential oils, or used alone with its scent of Swiss stone pine. The scent of Swiss stone pine is particularly soothing in the bedroom.

With our Swiss stone pine wood ball, your loved ones can experience the benefits of our miracle cures from nature!

For the mind…Relaxes the mind, providing new zest for everyday life. 
For the soul…Frees the soul from old sorrows, allowing it to develop. 
For the body…Purifies the body, unburdening it from unwanted things.
Place the ball somewhere that is protected from water, air and cold. Add a few drops of our essential oils and your living room will be transformed into a haven of relaxation.

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