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Your Natur-Spa experience

Our Natur-Spa in the heart of the Sarntal Valley promises pure relaxation and dedicated moments of rest. Harmoniously nestled in the surrounding mountain landscape, you can find five saunas, a salt inhalation room and a relaxation room with infrared loungers. Enjoy the welcome privacy of our Natur-Spa, which can be reserved by individuals, couples and small groups.

Our team of experts will enrich your spa day with a soothing massage, aromatherapy or refreshing Kneipp treatment. We aim to meet our guests’ needs and therefore offer both standard and personalised wellness programmes.

From May to October you can enjoy our unique original outdoor Sarntal mountain pine bath!


Wellness immersed in nature

Lose yourself in a world of natural beauty and discover a variety of revitalising treatments. Eschgfeller’s Natur-Spa offers a comprehensive programme for your physical and mental wellbeing, including relaxing massages, refreshing facial treatments and revitalising body treatments.

Immerse yourself and sink into a special kind of outdoor pool: a highlight of our Natur-Spa is the original Sarntal mountain pine bath, which is available from May to October. Feel nature embrace your body and the immediate sense of wellbeing that overcomes you. The revitalising effect of this century-old traditional bath transfers the natural beauty of the Sarntal Alps to your skin.

An insight

Feel the breath of the mountains and experience it with all your senses


An insight

Feel the breath of the mountains and experience it with all your senses

Gufl Bad

A private relaxation room with calming lighting and warm steam: this is our Gufl Bad. In the steam sauna, two can relax and find a pleasant alternative to the hot Finnish saunas.

Flerl sauna

The combination of pinewood and natural stone adorns our Flerl-Sauna. It radiates strength and calm at the same time – just as the owner Philipp wanted, who designed this Finnish sauna based entirely on his ideas. The Flerl sauna can accommodate up to two people. There is also a spacious relaxation area available.

Lake Valdurna

In a side valley of the Sarntal Valley, in the middle of the Sarntal Alps, lies the idyllic Lake Valdurna.
Always worth a visit!

Olpm sauna

Equipped with distinctive Swiss stone pine wood, the Olpmsauna conveys a sense of freedom and lightness, like a summer day on Alpine pastures. This Finnish sauna can also be used as a biosauna and offers enough space for up to four people.

Alternating baths

Can train the cardiovascular system and strengthen the immune system. They are used, for example, to prevent infections.


Day spa in the Sarntal Valley

Our natural day spa invites you to escape from everyday life and indulge yourself in our soothing treatments. Let our experienced spa team pamper you and notice how the stresses of everyday life melt away into a pleasant sense of comfort and safety.

Equipped with five saunas, a salt inhalation room and a relaxation room with infrared loungers, we offer a variety of relaxation options. Immerse yourself in an oasis of peace and enjoy pure relaxation surrounded by the impressive natural landscape of South Tyrol.

Swiss stone pine wood is the king of our Olpmsauna.
The special scent promises a true log cabin feeling.


Welcome to a tour of our Natur-Spa

Rest and relaxation every day.
Open daily from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Advance reservations appreciated.